It is a piece of history that they have forgotten to alter. It is a message that comes from a hundred years ago and it is a pity not to know how to decipher it. George Orwell

La nostra storia

The Balon is the famous flea market of the city of Turin that since 1856 has been a destination for enthusiasts and collectors in search of trouvaille or young students or tourists in search of various curiosities.

My history as an antiquarian began in the 1970s in my father 's old warehouse, which in those days was a simple warehouse for used furniture.

It happened one day that my father, not feeling well, asked me to replace him temporarily in the running of the business. It was a fantastic discovery of a world I would fall in love with .

At that time the famous movie "La Donna della Domenica", based on a novel by Fruttero and Lucentini , had been released in all cinemas, mostly shot in the Balon market in Turin.

Every day a multitude of people entered our business and I had the need to learn the profession very quickly, starting only by establishing the prices of a whole series of old articles already stacked in the historic warehouse: that was how it became my passion , my life as an antique dealer .

I decided to dedicate myself, traveling all over Europe , to the purchase of furniture and antiques or simply original and special furnishing objects, importing trends and fashions from the most important and amusing international markets into my warehouse, thus giving vent to my creativity following my instinct.

To my great satisfaction over the following years our exhibition has become a destination for very passionate customers who are looking for something special for the furnishing of their homes: from the old French butcher cutting board to the piffettiano slab trumeau. All this has allowed over time the transformation from a simple warehouse of used furniture into what has increasingly become an important exhibition and point of reference for collectors, merchants, antique dealers.

So today we have become one of the most important stores in Europe with customers and sales worldwide. Today the new world of the web and in particular eBay have transmitted to me again that very strong emotion that I felt when I discovered my way.

The enthusiasm that releases the web commerce is contagious and every day enriches me with stimuli that guide me in realizing more and more this new challenge.

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